At Rock on Fitness we provide a wide range of classes. Browse our menu of classes to find the ideal class to suit your needs. 


Fun- High Intensity – Boxing

Meaning ‘’maximum energy’’. KiMax is an awesome class to do with a friend or as part of our team. A combative fitness training program to allow you to boost your fitness, tone your muscles and experience the power of your own self-defence. Sweat it out with Muay Thai and kick boxing moves to music.

Best paired with: Ryan recommends pairing KiMax with Power to get the best blend of high intensity training.


Energetic – Different – Body Weight

Suspension training with a twist. This bodyweight strength class is high energy training utilising TRX straps to manipulate body weight and improve movement control.

Best paired with: Yoga and a body weight strength program


Demanding – Fast – Barbell

A fast paced and demanding hour of strength and power training. Power utilises barbell training as it’s method of delivering a total body workout. 

Best paired with: Ryan recommends pairing KiMax with Power to get the best blend of high intensity training.


Challenging – Varied – Total Body

Circuit is designed with variation in mind – work your way through a variety of strength and fitness exercises. This class delivers a high level of metabolic demand at a pace which is determined by your current fitness level.

Best paired with: An awesome pairing with Strength as a way to improve your overall fitness.


Growth – Weights – Technique

Strength underpins everything we do, without strength everything is more difficult. This class provides a great opportunity to build a strength base to make the rest of your training more effective. For advanced gym junkies, don’t worry we can always find a way to bring it up to your level!

Best paired with: Try pairing with Circuit as a way to improve your overall fitness.


 Control – Move – Breathe

Move well, move more.  As a mind-body movement practice, yoga combines fitness elements such as strength, flexibility and balance with breathwork, relaxation and fun.  Yoga assists in developing movement control and body awareness and is a great way of saying thank you to our bodies. If you are wanting an opportunity to de-stress or to challenge your body and mind in a totally different way, yoga is for you. 

Best paired with: Yoga can be flipped either way – Pair with TRX if you want to continue the control theme or Insane if mixing it up is more your style.


Dynamic – Intense – Metabolic Fitness

Insane provides an opportunity to leave it all out on the gym floor. Definitely an intense class with a wide range of movements designed to really light up your metabolic fitness.

Best paired with: Definitely not a class that needs a pair – use it as an opportunity to spice up your current training mix!